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, why one trader says boring is good when it comes to investing. a documentary takes us behind the scenes of a gm factory closure. and a trader's impression on alcoa's earnings. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's wednesday, october 10th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: earnings from alcoa and yum brands. first up alcoa. the aluminum company posted a loss, but still managed to top expectations. alcoa lowered its growth forcast to 6% from 7%. the company has $1.4 billion cash on hand. apparently there's a lot of money in chicken and tacos. yum brands, which owns kfc and taco bell, reported stronger-than- expected earings and raised its full-year guidance. meanwhile, tuesday was a down day on wall street. stocks and gold sold off on global economic concerns, while oil rallied. nhl talks could resume today between players and owners. the commissioner says major money issues are not on the agenda. and the cfo of best buy is leaving the company after 10 years on the job. todd h
been there for three months. back in 2001, ktvu reporter george watson brought us this look back at those tense days when the united states and the soviet union stood on the brink of nuclear war, each waiting to see if the other would blink. >> a picket line of american warships cruised the waters off the coast of cuba. soviet ships possibly carrying nuclear missiles had been warned to turn back. it was a deadly dance at high noon in the sea. the cuban missile crisis took the world to the brink of the unthinkable. >> in the cold war it's the closest we came to nuclear war. >> reporter: in response the united states cut off all aid to cuba. a year later an army of cuban exiles attempted unsuccessfully to overthrow the government of castro by invading cuba at a place called the bay of pace. there was evidence the invasion had been planned and financed by the u.s. even down to the training of the cuban exiles at a military base in guatemala. the united states denied any such involvement in a carefully worded at the same time -- worded statement to the united nations. >> the united s
the ball rolling for us this morning. good morning to you. there has been a lot of drama in oil lately. what is going on? > > i think there are concerns aboua global economic slowdown. the emerging market economies, brazil and china specifically, have suggested their economies are beginning to slow. and of course, the ongoing crisis in europe, as well as perhaps a 2%, 2.2% growth index year in the united states suggests that perhaps closer to $100 a barrel oil was a little bit overpriced. we do think, however, it is going to find equilibrium and support right around the $88-a-barrel level here, and i think the market will most likely keep in tune with what's taking place in the middle east as well. > > how critical will today's earnings be to your trading? we have j&j, goldman sachs, and intel all reporting in. what do you think here john? > > earnings have been coming out on the better side - citigroup on monday for sure, j.p. morgan late last week. so goldman's earnings should be pretty strong. goldman was up 4% in trading yesterday. our sense is this: not only are earnings coming in
in the right place could mean furniture for that sad apartment. >> i could see a bachelor using that extended table for at least, like, three years. >>> plus, we'll reveal today's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad 3. >>> and see what happens when a college coach holds a team meeting -- >> and all the sudden you see some police officers. >> how two players got punked big time. >> they just pooped their pants. >>> it's that time of year for horrifying videos. for me, this is as scary as it gets. a guy and his buddies are out on a motorcycle ride. the guy we're riding with is riding a gold wing. it's a large, cruiser type of bike. beautiful afternoon. keep your eyes to the left, and tell me if you could have avoided this. >> oh, boy. >> oh! >> wow. >> no, there's no way. there's so many deer. >> i just don't think he could have avoided this if he tried. it was almost like a wall of deer. five deer ran out in front of this guy. if you watch it again in slow motion, it appears one of the deer, maybe a fawn, stumbles on the slippery road. that's what causes this guy to really mash the brakes
news from the u.s. the nasdaq lost 2 points. much of that had to do with selling in in apple. apple lost nearly 8 dollars. jp morgan-chase is sued for fraud by the new york attorney general for its mortgage-backed securities. american express is paying $112 million to settle allegations that it illegally charged customers with late fees and used other deceptive practices. tails are wagging at petsmart. the company is leaving the nasdaq to join the s&p 500, pushing out sunoco. scott bauer of trading advantage has his eyes on the market for us today. good morning to you scott. > > good morning angie. > > it was a mixed market yesterday, with some mixed data coming in. what do you think was most important to the markets yesterday? > > honestly, we had that ism number that came out near the opening of the market, which, albeit not being a great number, was a better-than- expected number. but i really think the market had been set up for a little bit of a rally based on the news that had come out overnight on sunday night, out of china and out of spain. first off, out of china, their man
for joining us. steve paulson is here with the forecast and again i ask you because we are -- people will worry about the fog seeing the blue angels. >> we had that big cool down started on thursday. it continues today. there is a lot of low clouds and high clouds over us. mostly cloudy pattern. it might play into our weather late sunday into monday. todays highs 60s and 70s. >>> right now westbound highway 4 looks pretty good. it is a little crowded as you come in through the bay point area. also slow traffic building up in pleasant hill. westbound 24 as you drive past lafayette and oakland it's a nice drive. let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our news san francisco is bracing for big crowds this weekend. more than a million people are expected to fill the streets were several high profile events. that includes the america's cup world series. the giants playoffs, fleet week, and the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. we have team coverage this morning to cover everything you need to know to plan ahead if you are going to visit the city. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge has
doors about the story without talking to us. now the bill from the strip club is one with of many questionable expenses while going through thousands of pages of documents and we are putting that together for them, among other expenses they decided to spend with our inquires. >>> and they are hoping for a home town win for game 2 of the championship series. we have live coverage and lorraine blanco is out here with fans and first, live at at&t park where the team has lined up, mark? >> things are getting ready to go. fans are starting to stream into at&t park and they have always got the great attitude to make some noise and that has been a problem for the giants. so farther 0 and 3 and the fans want to see a victory when they put together a rally with a two run triple. the place was jumping, however it was short live for san francisco, it was a great play by danny, a local product down in mountain view, great play for another player and that was the end of the guilt's offense. they are down 1 in the series but certainly not one in the clubhouse. >> we have to keep fighting and o
to use election year to make money! first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. october 5th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: you know the drill - it's the first friday of the month, making it a jobs friday. economists and traders expect up to 120,000 jobs were added in september and the unemployment rate will remain around 8.1%. ahead of the news, stocks and commodities rallied after jobless claims and factory orders came in better than predicted. a zynga sell off! the struggling social media game company cut its full-year outlook. shares dropped below $3. reports say at&t will sell nokia's new lumia smartphone. the national hockey league has cancelled all regular season games through october 24 as players and the league fail to reach a contract agreements. and schwab & amertride are reportedly closing some offices in the e.u. john brady of rj o'brien joins us now. john, jobs are on tap this morning. > > expectations are for non- farm payrolls in the month of september to reach plus 100,000, whi
ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning october 8th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm ken wayne. dave clark is off this morning. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. steve, how is it looking? >> it looks cold and clear. some of the lows are getting down into the low to mid 40s. it will be a cooler day today. a little system to the west of us getting closer. that will give temperatures in the afternoon five degrees cooling from sunday. 60s and 70s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. northbound 101 traffic that looks pretty good approaching the 80 split with no major problems. also looking at the commute if you are driving to the bay bridge we already have a crowd here at the toll plaza. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our new there is is a big mess in downtown oakland after protestors targeted institutions from banks to city hall. tara moriarty is live in downtown oakland covering the effort to repair vandalized buildings. >> reporter: some of the windows that protestors smashed have been boarded up
the issues with a debate of our own, dick durbin, the number 2 democrat in the senate joins us from his home state of illinois and a top republican on foreign policy, senator lindsay graham, is in his home state, of south carolina. senators, let's start with breaking news, a report in today's "new york times," that iran and the u.s. have agreed in principle to one on one talks about iran's nuclear programs and the white house said late last night they had not agreed to talks but the u.s., the administration, is open to the idea. senator graham, let me start with you. what do you think of one-on-one talks with iran, and what do you make of the timing of this coming out two weeks before the election? >> well, i think the iranians are trying to take advantage of our election cycle, to continue to talk. as we talk with the iranians, whether it is bilaterally or unilateral unilaterally, they continue to enrich and the vice president and the president said we will do nothing without coordinating with israel. so we've talked with them in moscow and talk with them in baghdad and they continue to enr
be satisfied or happy with that. >> chris: governor, are you satisfied for happy. >> i don't think any of us should be happy, we want to return to full employment. and, what we have seen now is 31 months in a row, consecutive months in a row of private sector job gains. so, it is far better to be gaining jobs than losing 800,000 a month. as we were when george bush was in office. we still have a long way to go, but we are moving in the right direction. unemployment, now, has been driven down to a 44-month low and is lower now than it was in the last month of george bush's presidency, the last four months and we'd have seen home foreclosures driven down to their lowest levels, in five years. so, they are lower now than when president obama took office. so it is all about middle class security and security in your home, security in your jobs and we are making progress. >> chris: but governor, at 7.8%, what it is as of friday, no president has been reelected with unemployment this high since fdr back in 1940. no president has been elected with growth this low. it is now 1.3%, for the second qua
neighbors before ordering the three suspects to come out. >> they told us to get back of the house, on the other side of the house, and you know, say away from the windows and stuff like that. but they department -- didn't know if they were going to fire on them. >> the three suspects are from oregon and colorado. investigators say it appears that they randomly selected the home, and they are currently held on first degree robbery charges. >>> now to the san francisco giants and the national league championship series. the huge win yesterday is turning into a lot of money today. cari liu is showing who's cashing in. >> reporter: you can't help but notice how many people are carrying bags full of merchandise, and local businesses are getting ready for sunday whether game 1 is home or away. leslie said she would be out today with a bad case of orange october. >> a play and a miss. >> oh, we screamed. we screamed, and we jumped into each other's arms. >> reporter: this lifelong fan started going to games with her dad in 1958. >> the plastic statue of willie mays kept next to my barbi
. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. let's check your weather and traffic, steve is here and you can smile about our weather, right? >> i would rather be on the coast, though. >> and now that the sunrise is here, it is bad, really, really bad, catastrophic for some and livermore is the only one that is clear and there is a dense fog advisory out until 9:00 and it includes everybody on the coast and bay. highs today 60s and 70s, here is sal. >>> traffic on highway 4, that has moved along, south of mt. diablo watch for a motorcycle accident, let's go back to the desk. >>> and they are looking for that deadly situation caused by huricane sandy and as many as 3,000 are being evacuated from bergen new jersey. now they are saying a bermuda overflowed and people have climbed on to their rooftops trying to get away from floodwaters. look as it on as you -- houses away from the jersey shore. they have caed them to be put on alert and this is not causing a public safety risk right now. then there is new york city especially hit hard by the big storm. hurricane force winds
. following last year's warm winter, some americans will get a sticker shock this year, especially those using heating oil. those bills are projected to rise 20%. lately the hot market has been cooling off. phillip streible of rjo futures joins us. good morning to you. what's your first impression of earnings? > > we've seen a lot of liquidation in the s&p 500 recently. investors are quite concerned about a slowdown in global growth, and also a slowdown in china. we saw alcoa start to come off here yesterday. there was concern that aluminum prices forecasted going forward would be a little bit lower because of that slowdown in china. > > coming up on friday we have financials in focus with wells fargo and j.p. morgan reporting in. can you see any positioning among traders on those stocks? > > i still think that traders are going to be a little bit more defensive. they're going to start looking at more defensive plays, looking at gold, looking at the u.s. dollar index or also treasuries. they believe that financials should continue a momentum lower, as we've seen over in european banking shares
grape harvest in half a century. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us this morning for a look at the market. larry, what is driving this market? > > right now it seems like it's not earnings, because we saw yesterday, ibm's earnings, they didn't do very well - down 5.5% in the stock, but yet the stock market still rallied. i think it's a broader focus. the european tail risk has gone away. u.s. and china numbers aren't great, but they're stabilizing. so i think people are getting their heads around the fact that things have perhaps bottomed out in the market. > > as you mentioned, ibm was a heavy weight on this market yesterday. could that continue on into today? > > it definitely could, and we'll see earnings coming out later. but right now i think the expectations are so low for the market, and i do believe that most people are looking past quarter three and maybe even quarter four, and i think more people are looking toward china and looking toward europe for where the market is going to go next, and not really on earnings per say. > > what about ge though? this sometimes c
in a little bit. >>> giants fever has swept our ktvu viewers. karen sent us this picture. of her eight-year-oldson michael. and fernando says his family took two hours to carve this jackolantern. it's a true attribute to the giants. e-mail us your photos at >>> we are now just one hour away from the first pitch at at & t park. coming up in 20 minutes the world series coverage continues including the special attribute to veterans today that involve two former star players on the giants. plus the giants talk about what they have to do to win game two tonight. and stay with ktvu our live coverage of the world series begins immediately after this newscast at 4:30. >>> happening now downtown oakland businesses are vowing to stay open tonight as occupy protestors gather again in frank ogawa plaza to mark one year since the occupy camp there was cleared out. ktvu cara liu is live. >> reporter: officers in riot gear have been out here already to the plaza. right now we are seeing extra police officers as well as security guards here. we're also told police department does have
could cost you 20 grand. plus....traders give us their vote on which way the market is leaning in the election. and.... what apple earnings reveal about ipads, iphones, and consumers.first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas good morning. it's friday, october 26. i'm angela miles. in today's first look traders will be talkin' tech today. apple missed on earnings, although revenue was strong. iphone sales were solid, while ipad sales were weak. pandora tripped the circuit breakers yesterday after bloomberg news reported apple is planning a radio service similar to pandora. the stock tumbled 11% in a 10 minute free fall. amazon was another downer last night. the tech company posted its first quarterly loss in 4 years. here's a bright spot. expedia stock soared 11% on better than expected earnings. that stock is up more than 70% this year. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring joins us now. what do you like in tech earnings that could actually move the market today? we had amazon announced last night and
internist, is here with more on the studdy. educate us more about the garcinia cambogia. what makes it so special? >> there's a lot of expensive supplements out there for weight loss. what i love about this is it's one of the least expensive out there for people to use and it's been shown in studies to increase weight loss two to three times what people would lose with just diet and exercise alone and they've been able to isolate the compound and put it into a capsule. >> i'm stunned i hadn't hearned of this. it comes from the tamarind fruit. it's a fruit used in chutney sauces, soup preparations, there are a lot of traditional medisin -- medicinal uses for it so it's been around a long time and that makes me comfortable about its safety. go through the weight loss with me. how much could the average woman lose in a month, say? >> about four pounds. but i'm a big proponent of healthy weight loss and people will actually lose two or three times more if they do that with the supplement. there is an increase in serotonin. it helps manage the stress hormone cortisol so a lot of times patients
use of the word "vagina." she said i'm not sure if they're afraid of my vagina or my brain. afraid of myb%m9ina or my brain. >>> a security camera at a gas station in philadelphia captures this station wagon pulling into the gas station. the driver of that station wagon gets out and goes up to the cashier. the guy stands in line behind this 61-year-old man who's also paying. he's in line ahead of him. but you see the guy in the hat who got out of the station wagon. he looks around and maybe eyeing up the minivan. maybe i'll take this car for a ride instead. that's that man's car. he realizes the guy just jumped in and takes off, crashes into something. >> ouch, ouch. >> the 61-year-old man is struggling with him through the window. >> >> wow, he's not giving up. >> he's not giving up, but unfortunately he loses this fight. eventually the guy who jumped in his car takesf yoff, drags that man a little bit and takes off with the car. philadelphia police are looking for this man. he's reported to be about 5'9", 30 to 40 years old wearing a goatee, gray sweater and a baseball cap. >> th
is candie crowley, of cnn, the first woman in 20 years to moderate a debate. she's warned us to be quiet. now, candie crowley. >> good evening from hofstra university. i am candie crowley from cnn's state of the union. the gallup orgn anization chose 85 unaffiliated voters. the questions are knwoown to me and my team only. i hope to get to as many questions as possible. and because i am optimistic, i hope the candidates will keep their answers on point. they have two minutes and a two- minute follow-up. no cheering or booing or outbursts. we set that aside just this once to welcome president barack obama and governor mitt romney. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> gentlemen, thank you y bot fr joining us.w . we have a lot of folks who want to talk to you. governor romney, you won the coin toss. the first question goes to you. we go to a first-time voter, jeremy epstein. >> as a 20-year old college student i,a all i hear is there is little chance of employment when i graduate. what would you tell my parents about how i can support myself when i graduate. >> thank you for being here and a
the celebration a little too far. ktvu viewer sent us this video of a nummi bus that was set on fire. it happened on third and market street. seven people were on the bus at the time, no one was hurt. but the fire did cause serious damage to the $700,000 bus which nummi says just recently under went a $3,400,000 make over. and several fires were started. a massive group of fans started outside of at&t park. in all police tell us they made 35 arrests, 22 were felonies including charges of aggravated assault and possessing a weapon. most of those arrests were made in the mission district, today business owners had to clean up debris and deal with an explosion of graffiti. >> this is the wall of a popeyes restaurant. and neighbors say they are concerned that there might be a repeat of the vandalism on wednesday when the city hosts the parade for the giants. >> reporter: people started bomb fires along mission and valencia street about 90 minutes after the celebration started. >> just a joy, climb on the post. >> reporter: the business owners continued the clean up. but a sense of hopelessness contin
a look at what is going on. you can see all the water used to fight this fire out in front filling like a parking lot. firefighters still there. they just turned off the aerial hoses. if you want to get a good idea where this fire started all you have to do is look into the corner. that is where the area is they think this fire actually started. at its height this fire was  huge. i want to show you video of the fire. you can see the flames shooting out of the roof of this strip mall. firefighters tell me this all started just after 1:00. someone drove by and saw smoke. when they got out here they realized they were dealing with a much bigger situation. this fire has been burning for some time but had been hidden in the attic. when they opened up the roof, that's is what they got these huge flames coming up and out. there were 50 firefighters out here fighting this fire. there are two apartment complexes behind this strip mall. one of them did have to be evacuated. >> we were asleep and one of my dogs started barking. the next thing we know we were looking outside and the lights were f
feelings between his office and ross mirkarimi. >> this city requires us to work together. i will continue doing that. >> i look forward to working with the mayor, and the district attorney. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi says his experience over the last 9 months will make him a more effective sheriff for everyone. >> i want to reach out and plan to in a direct and personal way with any of the leaders of the domestic violence community and anyone else who has doubt. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi will meet with the interim sheriff on transitioning into the job. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if the district attorney has his way ross mirkarimi will have some of his dutying taking -- duties taken away from him. >> i am calling on ross mirkarimi to recuse himself. >> he wants the sheriff to appoint someone else to over see the duties. they have run domestic violence programs and counselings in jails for years. victim's advocates are disappointed by the decision. >> it is the wrong message. it says that san francisco thinks it is okay to have a sheriff who
at the palace of fine arts and ktvu randy shandobil brought us this report on its premier. >> i would like to proclaim this day as 007 james bond day here in san francisco. >> reporter: mayor dianne feinstein acted as sort of a cheer leader for the new bond movie outside of city hall. why is our highest city official pushing a movie? well here's the reason, a stunt man parachuted down to city hall today to present the mayor with a check for $100,000. the money will be used to fund two child care centers in the tenderloin. the $100,000 comes from more than 1,000 people plopping down $150 a head to see the world premier on a view to a kill tonight at the palace of fine arts. about 500 teenage girls screamed their adolescent heads off when the couple of the year appeared, moore and feinstein. roger moore's leading lady and grace jones who plays a villain in the movie. >> i think it's wonderful. i think the enthusiasm is fantastic. listen to them. >> reporter: but the teenagers were here to see rock stars duran duran who wrote the film's music. the producers of a view to a kill held the premie
information this morning about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the associate the press is reporting the cia station chief in libya sent a cable to washington within 24 hours of last months attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it was carried out by militants not a mob upset about an antimuslim movie. it's unclear if they saw anything. the obama administration maintained publicly for a week the attack that killed four americans was a result of the mob that staged protests across the muslim world because of the movie. >>> president obama and mitt romney traded political jabs at a charity dinner event in new york last night. >> the president's remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter o and the number $16 trillion. >> i went shopping at stores in midtown. i understand governor romney went shopping for stores in midtown. >> coming up at 5:15 which candidate is having the last laugh in the latest poll. >>> time now 5:03. the big college game tomorrow. cal and stanford battling for the ax tomorrow. the 115th big game. this year though is the 30th anniversary of thi
. 500 chefs are asking the u.s. government to prevent unapproved fish from making it onto american plates. and the national average on a gallon of unleaded gasoline dipped 14 cents from last week. kevin craney of rjo futures joins us on this monday morning. good morning to you kevin. > > good morning. > > better-than-expected news about the economy came out in that gdp number on friday. will we see follow-through in the market today? > > i think you will see a little bit of follow-through. that number is really a feel- good number. 2% above expectations. but really i do think it's important to dig down into the details of that number - fixed investment and exports actually contracting. so, the question is how long can the consumer continue to spend and the government continue to spend and prop up the economy? so, i think that's something you have to watch. but yes, i do think we'll see a little follow-through today. > > how much of an effect do you think this storm that seems to be brewing out there, wicked whether this week, will affect the market? will it be rattled? > > the mode
on a military wife's back using eyeliner. she came up with the idea after trying to find help for her husband who was at ft. campbell suffering from ptsd. >> i felt like streaking the general's lawn because maybe a naked woman would get attention and maybe they wouldn't sweep me underneath the rug. >> instead she took this photo of herself. incident i you see she's got her husband's hat on, her husband's gun. this led to hundreds of others doing the exact same thing. not only facebook campaign but launched find out about this and see more photos. >> more should be done for our veterans. so many suffer from ptsd. so many news stories about how they are not getting the treatment they need. >> this is a shot of her husband brandon mccoy who committed suicide in march after struggling with ptsd. >> these are my husband's dog tags. they were found in his car. >> this is a really beautiful way and effective way to get the point across. it gives us insight into what all of our soldiers are going through not just in battle. once they return they have a whole different kind of battle
in on the bear just to show us how close he is. >> from what he says here, it sounds like he's a frequent visitor. so the guy says to the guy who lives where the bear is. >> get down! right now! no! no! down! >> she's yelling at him like he was a 5-year-old. >> he could eat her. he could take one claw and knock her sideways. but this lady's voice is enough to scare this giant off of her deck. >> instead he's like, sorry, sorry. >> that's exactly what you're supposed to do. be bigger and scarier than the bear. >> right now! no, no, no! down! >> she did reject this bear like a boss. >>> is a dentist drill music to your ears? well, find out how one dentist is changing the tune when it comes to drilling teeth. >>> and how do you celebrate scoring a goal? >> fist pump or maybe fist bump your teammates or use your hockey stick as a gun. >> or you could do what this player does. see it next. >>> i think that we can all agree the worst thing about going to the dentist is the drill. >> that among many things. i hate the dentist. >> a dentist in indonesia has created a way to keep his patients calm while d
to double down on the policies that got us into this mess? >>> find out who came out the winner in the overnight polls. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> let's check weather, steve is here, you will notice the difference the minute you walk out side. >> we still had some 90s but the coast, much of the bay cooled down. everybody did. if you are going out, there will be a lot of low clouds, upper temperatures are in the upper 50s and 60s and it will take us all the way inland, here is sal. >>> traffic is coming in through san rafael and it looks good through the 580 interchange. and it is looking good over the high-rise and over to 101 and we have those bart problems and we have a reporter on the scene. let's go to dave and pam. >>> if you ride bart, you may possibly be late for work, for school or if you are heading for fso, all level savage -- alex savage has more on the delays, what is going on, alex? >> reporter: the problem was one of the those maintenance trucks became disabled and it is just south between mcarthur and 19th avenue. that truck has since been cleared
will tell you what neighbors are telling us. >> i will eliminate all programs by this test, if they don't pass it, it is so critical today have to borrow from china. >> he is going to have a busy day. >> find out who came out the winner in the poll. >> police in one city could be on the brink of a drastic change. mornings on two begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, i am dave clark. >> i am tori campbell, thursday, october 4th. we begin with developing news on the morning commute. bart has been experiencing major system-wide delays to the past two hours. ktvu's alex savidge is live there with developments. >> reporter: good morning, yes, this was a stalled work vehicle that had triggered delays earlier on. but that problem has been taken care of. we did just get word from bart a couple of minutes ago that all of their trains this morning are now running on time. earlier on the delays were significant. show you video of what it looks like here with video. a bart spokesman told us they
after using the girl in a shoplifting attempt. she is expected to arrive at the jail in 10 minutes here. investigators say last month she used her daughter in a shoplifting attempt in morgan hill. the mother took off when an employee confronted the girl. >>> san francisco police are asking asking for help in solving a shooting death. they believe this sketch resembled the man -- resembles the man. witnesses describe the shooter in his 20s, 5'9", and wearing a blue golden state warriors jacket. >>> what is it going to take to stop the violence? that is what they are asking tonight in oakland after five people were killed during 18 hours this week. ktvu's paul chambers tells us some want the governor to declare a state of emergency. paul? >> reporter: there have been 94 homicides in oakland this year. a number that is not sitting well with anyone. >> reporter: police say with the uptick in crime it is time for the community to ban together. city and community leaders showed a united front. police say they are not connected but the victims were targeted. >> the city experienced five murder
, but luke mccann at the county office of education, told us deputies have been interviewing students and parents at various schools for the past two weeks. >> it's in the middle schools and primarily seventh and eighth graders. we're talking about girls that are entering puberty, 13, 14 years old. >> reporter: high school students tell me sexting has been around for years, but this time parents are concerned because they have heard some of the photos are being sold. >> it's child pornography. >> reporter: parents are being asked to talk to their kids and filter the content that keeps coming at them. >> it's part of this age we're living in, where everybody is involved in computer things and we don't have any control over it. as a parent, you can try to stop it, but it's kind of impossible. >> reporter: teachers and parents have already participated in a workshop designed to teach about safety in the digital world. another program is being offered on october 17th. reporting live in mill valley, patty lee, ktvu channel 2news. >>> and coming up at 6:15, new details on the case of a teac
are changing driving habits. >> i try not to drive unless i really have to. >> i'm grateful and i only use the bike when necessary. >> reporter: the dramatic surge in prices came after a southern california refinery went down a week ago. it came back online friday. analysts say they expect prices to stabilize in the coming days. now this might make you feel a little better this morning. a gas station in long beach has the priciest gas at $6.66 a gallon. it could be worse. >>> it may be a sign of the times, roseville police are investigating the theft of nearly 1,000 gallons of gas from a shell station. stations manager says security cameras caught the thief stealing gas on three different occasions. police say a man in a pickup truck somehow disabled the meter and pumped gas into a tank in the bed of his truck. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco to raise even more money for his reelection campaign. the president will begin a day in the valley. then he will head to the bay area for three fundraisers. the first is a small event. followed by two fundraisers at the bill graham c
you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. happy friday to you. steve, i know you are always happy on fridays. >> we do have a very cloudy sky. drizzle and light rain out there. here is sal. >>> right now traffic at the bay bridge looks light getting into san francisco. no major problems here. also if you are driving to 880 and the freeways here it looks pretty good. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with developing news in the south bay san jose police are on the scene of a homicide. it was reported at 1:45 this morning. police found a man with at least one gunshot wound. matt keller is on the scene and has learned two people have been detained. he will have a live report coming up. >>> we're also following develops news out of san jose where two people have been hurt in massive fire. not there. crews have the fire surrounded but it's still not under control. it broke out just before 4:00 this morning. there is the map. fire crews say when they arrived at the home, it was fully engulfed in flames. two
in this case and they have not released it publically to us and i did ask the sergeant about a possible description of the shooter or getaway car and no information on either of those two issues but not a lot for them to work with as they investigate this shooting, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a shooting happened at 7:00 this morning and the shooter kept firing shots at the victim hitting cars and windows as well. the victim ran into the lobby of an apartment building. right now police are trying to figure out if there were multiple shooters. >>> and it happened earlier this month and that incident, police say four men got out of their car and opened fire. four men were rushed to the hospital and 40 shell casings were found at that scene. >>> an arsonist may well have been captured in san jose. she was taken into custody after deliberately starting a fire. investigators are checking evidence that may link her to other fires. >>> time is 6:02, we are getting more details about the suspected cause of the chevron fire. it sent thousands of people to the hospital. according
rasmussen joins us live. >> reporter: firefighters are still work the scene. we can show you that we're at powell and vallejo and look over here. erica, if you could pan over here to show police are still stopping residents from going past this tape because of this hazardous materials situation of as you look down the road on powell, we understand it was in a residence, down here on this street that it happened. the call came in around 7:30 and according to the police we're getting from sf pd, they have a suicide in the unit where the person used chemicals. they had to evacuate a couple of buildings. when ways on the other side of the scene, the red cross has several people wrapped in blankets. the initial word that was about 15 residents were evacuated because of this hazardous materials situation, but in talking to the red cross who has been talking to these evacuees they think there could be more people than that that had to get out of building. they are still very busy trying to, in their words "neutralize the situation." and, in fact, at this point we might not be entirely sure
of getting the field ready, including last night's downpour. we begin with david davis telling us even though the world series will bring in alot of fun for the city, there is a bigger benefit. >> reporter: san francisco businesses are hoping for a big win as well. fans are not the only one excited about this. at $16 the special of the week at san francisco's prospect restaurant, a slow cooked each, nestled in italian black rice. the colors of the san francisco giants. >> i think we will call it the homerun. >> reporter: san francisco businesses hoping for a financial grand slam with the world series start on wednesday. the city is coming off one of the strongest summers for tourism in years. the games are said to add to the wind fall. >> we are excited about this. >> >> reporter: the city's 34,000 rooms are filling up. >> they are coming from across the country. regionally, we saw in 2010, that people come from other areas around the bay area and actually stay in the city and enjoy the game. >> >> reporter: hard numbers are not available for how much the series netted in the 2010 series. we
is on. >> it's our style and we play a lot of close games. and these guys are used to it. >> they are used to it. looking forward to getting on the road. they play well on the road. the stats work in their favor. if you look at the team, 14 of the last 15 went on to win it all. that includes the 2010 giants. game 3 tomorrow night in detroit. but first players have to get here. we have seen a couple of people come through here with their rolling luggage. players are supposed to be here by 8:00 and in the air by 10:00. live here in at&t park, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. >>> a triple amputee war veteran threw out the first pitch. he lost his arm and other limbs. the corporal has benefited from the strikeout for troops program where pipers donate to troops. >>> remember bryan stow? he was severely beaten at dodger's stadium parking lot last year. the giants raised more than $70,000 for him and more fund- raisers are planned for this winter. he's been able to keep his sense of humor. you can watch the world series here. our coverage begins at 4:
towards us. 50 to 61 and the 50 in santa rosa, napa 62, 57 in the city, west 7, everybody else is calm and there is not much of a breeze. we would have record highs but that's not the case. we will continue to get warm to hot conditions and it mainly stays in the 70s and tomorrow the coast will cool down by wednesday even inland it starts to cool down on the temperatures. half-moon bay, somebody picked up passive can. 70s, near 100 degrees inland, it will be cooler by the coast and here comes the cooler weather on wednesday and i tell you it is a big drop as we go into the weekend. >> playoff fever here in the bay area, giants have clenched, it is one win away from the postseason. >> i saw the table shaking... i just looked at my mom. >> earthquakes are now rattling in a part of the country that does not get them. >>> nice traffic coming to the willow pass grade, another update is straight ahead. qq7r . >>> well they had a magnitude 1.4 earthquake centered in a suburb of dallas. pictures were knocked off walls but no major damage has been reported. >> the couch actually shook side to s
. how police tracked the suspects down overnight. >>> the u.s. unemployment rate below 8%, for the first time in almost four years. how the presidential candidates are reacting. mornings on 2 begins right now. >>> good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, i'm dave clark. >> i'm torey campbell. it's friday, october 5th. talk about a busy weekend. more than a million people are expected to pack the streets of san francisco because there is a ton of events going on. tara moriarty begins the coverage in san francisco to let us know what the city is doing to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. >> reporter: we are at the america's cup official store. if you look here to your right, you can see one northbound lane there, will be shutdown this weekend between the ferry building and bay street to allow emergency vehicles access to the hub of all of the activities. around 6:30 this morning, a military convey, led by police came through in preparation for fleet week. today is also the quarter finals for americas cup with races scheduled this weekend. estimated to draw 40,000 people to the ba
refineries was being used as an excuse to drive up pump prices. >>> how is traffic so far, sal? >> it looks good, yesterday we got used to something good because it was a holiday at least for state workers and county workers so i don't think today it will be quite as good but if you are driving on 880 westbound it should be a nice drive from berkeley to the bay bridge toll plaza and also, it is a very nice drive into san francisco, not a lot of crowding and traffic continues to look good. there is not a lot going on. it is a nice drive and san jose, that traffic looks good and if you are driving on the peninsular 101 and 280 looks good. let's go to sal. >>> it is finally moving and with it getting closer to the coast, it is generating some showers and there in lies the rub and it looks like it will stay parallel to it and if it moved over us, we will have widespread showers and then it goes parallel, so showers near the coast partly sunny partly cloudy and we have a westerly breeze, 40s on the temperatures and lower 50s, everybody is close this is nothing we have not seen before. this syste
. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, thursday morning, october 11th, i am pam cook. >> i heard it around 12:30, he woke me up, it was hard to get back to sleep. rain in the north bay. >> there was an there were reports of thunder and lightning and also hail but most of that moved out to the pacific and there could be an isolated shower but it came off the sierra nevada and most of it is moving south with a lot of cool 60s. >>> southbound 101, it looks good on the richmond bridge getting across. and past mission boulevard heading down to the hill things look clear, let's go back to the desk. >>> san jose firefighters are looking for a serial arsonist. they say he struck again last night. matt keller is there where with he just spoke to a neighbor about this latest attack, good morning, matt. >> reporter: you can see it is obvious a fire was started here. now the fence behind it was removed after the previous fire was damaged by flames. firefighters say this is the 9th trash bin fire in west san jose in the past two weeks. now judy says people dumped al
continues to slide. tim mulholland of china-america capital joins us this morning. tim, what's behind the big drop in the market? > > i think there's concerns of global economic growth, and namely earnings have been disappointing, especially in the top-line growth side. there's been about 140 companies that have reported so far in the s&p 500. about 60% of them missed on revenue. so that adds concern on the earnings front as well as in the global economic growth front. > > and is that what is troubling oil as well, with that slide? > > that contributes too. materials were weak, the weakest part of the market sell- off, as well as the energy. and of course crude oil. but also remember the fact that iran is coming to the talks, nuclear talks, with the u.s., which i think also maybe took a little bit of the edge off of crude prices as well. > > the speculators. ...the alleged speculators. let's move on- > > you can't blame it on the speculators. > > it's just a lot of premium. they love the premium, let's put it that way. > > right, right, right. > > let's move on to china. what's an upd
on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. it's wednesday october 24th thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. glean i'm dave clark. we're ready. let's check weather and traffic. first going to steve paulson. how is it looking? >> a little rain out there. not too bad. but i think we are done. this will probably be the last part of the system that comes through. it's been pretty decent since monday. today this is just a little bit left. some will work its way south and east. i think we see mostly sunny skies and highs in the 60s. here is sal. >>> good morning. traffic on interstate 880 looks pretty good here. it's been raining the last few minutes that will make it a little tougher driving around the oakland area all over the bay really as steve has been mentioning. also the morning commute is looking good on the sunol grade as you head south. let's go back to the desk. >>> it is 5:00. it's time for the world series here in the bay area. we're just 12 hours away from the first pitch of game one. ktvu tara moriarty lucky live outside of at & t park to tell us about the preparations f
. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, october 5th i'm pam cook. >> i know why you're smiling because it's friday. >> it's because i'm here with you. >> i know that too. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i get to turn to steve and everything cool? >> with me or the weather? [ laughter ] >> you're always cool. >> we had that drop yesterday. we'll continue that even up to lake county and sacramento today. and areas that are usually pretty hot. not only low clouds but partly cloudy, partly sunny today 60s and 70s. here is sal. >>> westbound highway 4 it's a nice drive so far if you are driving from antioch to concord. right now is a good time to do that. this mornings commute is pretty good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge. yesterday was a bad day but today is good. >>> it is a big weekend in san francisco with more than a million people expected to pack the streets. tara moriarty is in the city with more on why you should expect big delays. >> reporter: we are here near pier 29 where come this weekend one northbound lane will be shut down
dollars, while oil pumped up more than a dollar. a setback for apple today. a u.s. appeals court overturned a ban on the sale of samsung smartphones running on google's android system. chip-maker a.m.d. cut its forecast, sending shares down more than 5% last night. and it's bye-bye to refillable glass coke bottles. the last one rolled off the production line in minesota. let's get a trader's take on the day. larry shover of sfg alternatives is ready for this friday. good morning to you. > > good morning. > > yesterday, the market had quite a bounce off the jobless claims number, and then it fell apart throughout the session. what was going on there larry? > > i think traders looked through that number and realized it was the lowest in four years, but a lot of it had to do with one state's seasonable adjustment. so, i don't think traders were really bullish on that number, but just waiting to see what happens next month. > > jobs are jobs. let's move on to spain. there's a lot of pain there. that country is still deciding what's going to happen next with its debt crisis. > > right
arizona. allie rasmus joins us from the coast guard in alameda. good afternoon, allie. >> reporter: good afternoon, once the fog clears the coast guard plans to send oftry to fi a plane wreck. half-moon bay airport is where 75-year-old andrew hayden of florida took off in his single-engine plane before 6:00 a.m. monday morning. according to the san mateo sheriff's spokeswoman he flew the plane here to visit his daughter who lives in the bay area. he was supposed to arrive in tucson yesterday afternoon but never made it. now the coast guard, airport's rescue coordination center and san mateo county sheriff's office launched a search to find any sign of the pilot and his plane. now, the plane they are searching for looks similar to the one in this picture. this is a picture provided to us at the coast guard command center. they said it's the picture they are using to search for wreckage. an 87-foot long coast guard cutter has been out in the water overnight as well and so far no sign of this plane. >> his radar tracking had him pretty much right off half-moon bay and that was the las
did not have to pay u.s. taxes. of course, if you're a small business, or a big business, you have to pay even the reduced rate governor romney is talking about. that will create 800,000 jobs, the problem is they will be in china. or india. or germany. that is not the way we will create jobs. the way we will create jobs is not just to change our tax code, but also to double our exports. we are on pace to double our exports. that is why we have kept on pushing trade deals, but trade deals that make sure american workers and businesses are getting a good deal. governor romney talk about china. the private sector, governor romney's company invested in pioneers of outsourcing. that is not my phrase. that is what reporters called it. as far as currency manipulation, the currency has gone up 11% since i have been present because we have pushed them hard. we have put unprecedented trade pressure on china. that is why exports significantly increased under my presidency. babel helped to create jobs here. >> we had -- that will help to create jobs here. >> the iphone, ipad, they're all manuf
the exact cause of her death but say a gun was not used. they say detectives spent the last 13 months doing interviews, collecting evidence, and working with the coroner before deciding to arrest almaguer. >> pretty scary. yeah. pretty scary knowing i had a killer right next to me. >> this change in her cause of death raises last year's homicide total in san jose to 40. currently there are 37 homicides in 2012. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> statistics show an 18% jump in violent crime across the country last year. it's the first year over year increase in nearly two decades. according to the justice department the biggest jump in crime was aggravated assaults. property crime, including burglary and theft increased 11%. the incidents of rape, sexual assault and crimes involving injury or weapons remain largely unchanged. criminologists say the jump in climb follows 2010's historically low numbers. >> if you thought you saw a fireball flash across the sky tonight, you're not alone. we began getting calls around 7:30 this morning. we spoke to an astronomy in
is a firefighters who lives here along with with his girlfriend. they are not giving us any information on who the victim was who was found. we are hoping get more information. again a deadly house fire is turned into a chris call problem. >>> they are on the scene of an early morning armed robbery. live at bangkok good morning, tara. >> reporter: there are quite a few cop cars and if you take a look behind me this entire section is ridelled with cop cars. 1:37 is the approximate time we were here. they were in a car and police are able to gym then a preps prescription. they were not sure how many of them were armed inside that dam camera dash-cam a. they -- camera. they did take two people into custody and one is considered a suspect. back out here live, we have a couple standing in the apartment where the person lives. they have been cooperating with police and providing them with information. police are still on the scene so they are trying to gather information. we are not sure if any shots were fired. at the end of the day the amount that the suspects stole that they did make away with wa
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